Playbuzz English test

Have to laugh at a grammar test that gives the following:

You aced it!! You are a master of the English Language.

Your English skills are phenomenal. You passed a test that only 2 in 50 Native English speakers do. You must be passionate about languages and the written word. You see purpose in reading – you read every line and appreciate ambiguous endings. Your 4 dominant traits are most likely: observant, introspective, self-disciplined, and mature. Share the test if you agree.

Numbers (e.g. 4) instead of words, missing Oxford comma, and two exclamation marks at the start and I’m not so sure the ‘native’ in Native English deserves a capital letter either.

That said, there were a few words and sentences that gave me pause for thought, so I’m not wholly sure, at least by my pedantic standards, that I did ‘ace it’.

Most of the commentators also ‘aced it’, but I suspect it was only people they were confident of doing well anyway that tried, eh. 😉

See how you do anyway 🙂

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