Austerity, we are all in this together, right? Guys? GUYS!?

Generally I stay well, well away from politics (and religion) but every now and MPs and their cronies do something that makes you think, you know what, you are really starting to take the proverbial about now. Pack it in!

I started adding trends to the posts and it brings your attention to things. Especially when one day parliament tells you the country is still in financial trouble and we all need to suck it up and tighten our belts. Then, the day after, telling the country they’ll have to work another few years longer – perhaps even beyond 70 – before retiring because the country can’t afford to pay state pensions (that workers and employers paid towards with income taxes and national insurance and that the governments gave to the banks to help them instead) – then the next they are patting themselves on the back because THEY have awarded themselves an inflating destroying 11% payrise.

Just NO!

Note that I’m not particularly agreeing, nor disagreeing with the need to raise the age of state pension, merely that they can’t keep asking for cut-backs for and from the general public, while the banks, bankers and MP’s who caused all the mess award themselves ever bigger rewards. It’s entirely the same with tax, hammering small and medium business for thousands, but letting off global giants like Google, Amazon, Starbucks, all the utilities companies etc, etc who use creative accounting and loop-holes for tax evasion – declaring We’ve none nothing wrong. Legally, maybe not, but morally… I say Maybe because you have to wonder why these loop-holes keep getting left in, why they are rarely closed when found and if they can’t close them, whether the legal system as it stands isn’t fit for purpose and need a damned good overhaul and simplifying to eradicate all the obfuscating diatribe (bullshit if you prefer) and red tape, which serve no honest purpose.

So I’ve cobbled together a give images and new stories to put it into perspective:

Austerity for us - but HUGE payrise for MPs


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