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Quick guide to Balrum

Balrum is a basic single player RPG, not dissimilar to Runescape. You have the option of being an archer, mage or warrior, can build and customise a dwelling, complete with farm management of crops, pigs, chickens, giant spiders(!), and cows. You also have other options such as alchemy, swordsmithing, armourer,...


Which RPG Class Are You?

The result was a foregone conclusion for me, though I do play many other classes in on-line games like Warcraft, Rift, Guild Wars etc. and, in the past, table-top role-playing games like AD&D, Warhammer, MERPs, Palladium, T&T… Congratulations, you are a wizard/mage! (Whichever name you prefer.) Wizard/mages lie at the...


Drow chant

Drow chant: In the darkness, learn will In the shadows, learn caution In the light, learn strength Above all, know yourself