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Epson, multi-functions, & a look at HP Laserjet Pro 200

Reviewing the HP Laserjet Pro 200: Intro First a word on my old Epson. My previous printer, an Epson R220, whilst capable of producing great printouts, was notoriously work-shy. Fickle actually. Prima Dona comes to mind. Give it a gourmet diet (of Epson’s own) and it purrs, but dare you […]

A Brief History of Microsoft Windows

Windows: A brief history Pre-windows (on the PC) Ignoring any Unix and Apple flavours, the first multi-tasking ‘windows’ program was IBM’s Topview application, released in 1984. After this, in July 1985, some four months before the first Microsoft version, Quarterdeck released DESQview. November 20th, 1985: Windows 1.0 The first version […]

12 reasons NOT to follow someone on Twitter

T(w)itter ye not (NOTE: This post was moved from, posted on June 1st, 2009. For all it’s dated, it’s still valid!) Hypocritical I know, but seriously, go for quality, not quantity. A thousand genuine followers beats a million automated bot scraped followers hands down! Here’s my take on it: […]