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As these things go, I’m nowhere near as good as I was, and five thousand miles from where I should be, but I’ve been around a bit. A lot actually, from relying on Bulletin Board Systems in the 80’s to starting one of the world’s first Internet cafe’s in the early 90’s. If I recall, the first recorded one was in San Francisco around fall of ’94 and, following advice from a South African student that was visiting, we started offering coffee and Internet / Compuserve access around March of 1995.

Red nose day 1995 in my computer shop and internet cafe

Web design menu:

(Menu list from around 2005)

Web development and design
Character codes
Details of the various character sets and codes, how to enter symbols like: ™ & © etc

Colourblindness and web design
Explanation of how colorblind people see the world, of the various conditions and how to design your web site with this in mind.

Cascading Style Sheets tutorial
To be finished after this update. Will be exhaustive.

Design software
Views, reviews and links to web design software.

Looking at site development, eCommerce software development packages and card and payment facilitators

Form tutorial
To come.

HTML tutorial
Comprehensive, but dated given the move to XHTML

Making money online
New section – taking a look at genuine ways to profit on the web, and, as I find them, scams to avoid.

Meta tag information
Comprehensive details of the correct use of meta information in page headers

Links and a few review for now. Code and tutorial to come

Search Engine Optimisation
Encompassing search engine marketing, promotion and submission. To be greatly extended over time.

Search Engines
A look at the major search engines, specialist engines and related tools and research sites.

Usability – creating accessible web sites
Looking at designing easily maintainable, creative sites that nevertheless take into account the needs of all individuals. To be greatly expanded over time.

Web design advice
Covering points to ensure and to avoid to maximise your sites potential, including looking at issues like cross-browser compatibility. To be greatly expanded over time.

Web development and programming scripts
Views, reviews and links to web programming and development languages like Javascript, PHP, ASP and CGI

Web facts and information
Covering domain extensions, a look at domain names and their worth, and more.

Web sites I’ve helped created
A look at some of the sites I’ve made and helped with over the years – warts and all.

XHTML tutorial
To come after this revision. An easy to follow look at writing valid XHTML code, and the importance of using style sheets.

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