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General interest, lots of books A lot of the old content here is dated and probably irrelevant given the ubiquitous nature of Google and the likes of Wikipedia, but at the time Google surfaced things were a lot different and you didn’t use one search engine but several, often specialised for each niche, like scientific or bibliography. Wikipedia didn’t exist, and Google was nobody. If this means anything to you, I had a Page Rank of up to 7 at the time. Remember I started this in the mid 90’s – before Google and the rest even existed.

Needless to say the world still has a relentless appetite for interesting content so now I’ve started writing again I’ll be expanding this as well as the rest of Ackadia

Menu list – from around 2005

Note, many of these were removed when I transitioned from line coding to CMS. I have neither the time, interest, nor traffic to justify reviving and updating them all.

New section to include sports activities. Gymnastic, fell walking and health and fitness routines will be first to appear.

Arts and sciences
Most curriculum orientated and general interest, covering maths, arts and artists, sciences and related resources like periodic tables, correct use of English language, etc.

New section to grow from first lessons and Grade 1 Ballet Theory onwards

When I haven’t got my head in front of a screen, I read – Languages, ancient history, computers, fantasy and science fiction, photography, etc. This area includes book reviews, publishers, authors, specialist and general suppliers, links and writing, authoring resources.

Business resources
Small section as yet, but I have vast amounts of hard-earned advice wisdom and advice to type up for retailers, small business, business to business etc. Largely from a computer dealer / consultant’s perspective, but it crosses over well.

Child education
Includes learning to tell the time, reading, maths and geography.
I’ve a lot to add on this section, from parenting advice, to helping them with their homework, to the vastly neglected area (in this country) of proper dental care.

You can win, you can make money on the Internet – and they aren’t all just scams. Here’s a few we know we can trust – and others we are going to test. If you put the effort in, even just a few minutes a day, you will start to win eventually.

Cookery and recipes
My party pieces are brandy trifle, bread and butter pudding and Cornish pasties, all of which I need to write down. Meanwhile, here’s a few resources to wet your appetite.

Catch all for random collections of often sought facts – like wedding anniversaries and quotations.

There is a leaning toward their use in role-playing games, but also a lot of hard data such as a testing procedures, chemical compositions and a glossary.

Can’t have a general interest section without hobbies. As yet it’s limited to a page on DIY, but it will be greatly extended – eventually.

I set myself a last to learn at least seven languages as a child. I’ve long since forgotten all but the very basics but at one time or another I studied French, Spanish, Latin, Italian and Portuguese, amongst others. In the end I cheated and learned computer languages instead. Really children should be taught languages at a very early age so it sticks.

Whether you want to do right by your children, learn a few phrases for a holiday, or get fluent for a business meeting these pages will eventually guide you in the right direction.

Message of the Day
Includes ‘On this day in history’, ‘Famous birthday’, ‘Word of the Day, ‘Article of the day’ and, my favourite, ‘Quote of the Day’

Medical resources
Includes medicine, general medical, rarer illnesses like spastic paraparesis, autistic conditions like Asperger’s Syndrome and will be expanded to include first aid, advice on depression and more.

My homage to the ‘wall of weird’. OK. Too much Smallville there, but I have been interested in mythology, folklore and the supernatural from a very early age, so, as time allows, I’ll add my thoughts, comments and resources here.

Nature and natural history
Again, a lifelong interest – I wanted to be a zoo keeper as a child, specifically a herpetologist working in the reptile house of Chester zoo. This is the start of my little online nature reserve and resource, looking at pets, nature and natural history in general.

I used to be a freelance photojournalist, which is to say I learnt new diets involving produce from the ‘dented tins trolley’ and ‘past the best before’ fridge. Anyway, as I’m getting back into photography I’m adding articles, resources and reviews. This section includes an extended glossary, online dealers in the US and UK, and links to all the main manufacturers. Quiz to come, along with thousands of pictures I’ve taken over the years.

Reference sources, Online dictionaries and encyclopedias
Notwithstanding a large library on my doorstep, I used to be obsessed with collecting and reading factual books – covering everything from anthropology to zoology. Thousands and thousands of them. Around 7,500 in fact.
Mind boggling, eh

Had to get rid of all but my favourite thousand or so but fortunately there’s now a great number of free on-line encyclopedias and dictionaries to cover your questions without trawling often dubious search engine results. Here’s the best of them. (Addenda: Remember most of this was written before Google existed, as such!)

Take a minute to smile and relax with a good film or a corny joke

Links and reviews relating to new and second-hand shopping in the UK and North America.

This section covers airlines, train stations and road maps from around the world, and resources for Canadians or those looking to emigrate to Canada.

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