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Basically, I’ve worked and played in, with and around computers since the 1970’s and, rotten memory aside, I can truthfully claim I know a thing or two about the things. Possibly as true to say I was/am a sad git without a life given I subscribe to, and read up to a hundred IT related newsletters, books and trade journals every month, but there you go.

My roles have included managing director of a game design company, purchasing director for a computer dealership and a consultant specialising in advising computer resellers and business. My experience covers everything from programming and web design to technical support and networking and at one time or another I’ve been an approved partner or reseller for most of the main computer companies, including Apple, HP, Creative Labs, and Seagate.

As time, patience and health allows, I’ll keep adding this knowledge to the pages below, and to the forum (removed years ago). If you have a question and can’t find the answer here, ask. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll certainly to know where to find it.

~ Paul

Menu from 2005

Note: Remember, I started this site in the mid 90’s – long before search engines such as Google existed. Many of these pages and sections, the galleries and the forums were removed or left out when I transitioned from hand coding to using CMS, I have neither the time, interest, not traffic to justify re-researching them, though a few of the more historically relevant pages maybe be put but in time.

Computer menu:
ADSL and Broadband
Getting dated now, but the glossary is one to bookmark

Covers links, comments, news and reviews of hardware such as memory and video cards

Computer manufacturers
Comprehensive lists of vendors homepages, organised by category

Computer News
As time allows, all the latest computer news I find of interest

Computer security
Protecting yourself again spyware, identity theft, hacking and viruses

Computer training
Links, comments and feelings relating to computer training and certifications

Custom PC’s
Guide to building a seriously fast and ultra reliable computer

Links to reviews of shareware and commercial fonts and font utility software

Freeware and Trial-ware
Links and recommendations for shareware and demonstration software

New section I need to build up.

Not something I wholly advocate, but popular, so I’ve included some of the better resources

PCI Express Bus
Looking at the PCI Express bus from the early days to the present

Power protection
(In progress) Detailed look at UPS’s and surge protection.

Catch-all covering utilities, Microsoft, music, design software etc.

Stopping Spam
I’ve stopped actively chasing the spammers now, but the resources and articles are still up to date and relative, especially the one on configuring Outlook Express.

support and help
Catch-all for useful resources. Includes IT job agencies, comprehensive lists of ‘off the shelf’ computer magazines, where to find device drivers and so forth.
I can also offer individual answers via email and (preferably) the forums.

System Architecture
A little dated, but this a very good research article, especially for the history aspect.

Trade resources
This, ultimately will be moved to a separate domain I am dedicating to trade, but includes details of standards councils, trade journals, supplier contacts etc.

Power Protection
A good look at power problems and the various type of surge devices to cover you, such as line interactive UPS protection.

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