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Run by a (retired) computer expert, Ackadia is a family friendly site offering help and articles on web design, computers, general interest, education, RPGs and PC games. It’s been here for 20 years, since I started it in 1998 and in another 20 years, Ackadia should still be around for you!

There’s a saying I’ve always liked : If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

I’m here to help if you need it, whether it’s asking me to get a move on restoring a section I’ve removed, giving you balanced advice on tech matters or anything else I cover here (or pointing you in the right direction if I can’t), or just dropping a line or reply via comments, Facebook or the contact page.

~ Paul Relaxing a minute

Welcome to Ackadia

Sorry for mess, renovations the place again!

Apologies for the mess, got the builders in!

Update March 2018:

Moved hosts again, place is a mess, again. I do so hate how messy, unstructured and generally sloppy these framework sites like WordPress are. Old school, you write locally, upload with FTP and job’s done. WordPress and the ilk have this really horrible system of using dates.

Here’s an example. I write a webpage, point to an picture in the directory /cat-pictures and no matter what, unless I mess around, the two are always links.

Now, take WordPress. You do an ‘export’ to backup the site – only it leaves all the images and everything else behind, and it’s down to you to find a way to recover them. (There are methods, but we’ll come to that in a minute). So, I dutifully backup the site, import into the new host – and find I have to manually upload all the images again. And their system is date based. You add a picture in May 2013, that’s where it is. But when you move hosts and put the picture back it’s now in a folder called March 2018 – and any links to the image are broken. It’s a pain in the arse to fix!

You can, for instance, use paid services like Vaultpress to do automated backups (wholly recommended too!) but if you move from a self-hosted worpdress_org blog to one with wordpress_com, you find hey aren’t compatible, you can’t do a full restore.

So yes, I’m now busy clearing up the mess. Again. Every image link (numbering thousands of lines of code) on the hundreds on pages in the blog is broken and I have to manually find and restore the images, then edit the code to point to the new repository with crappy file structures like /2018/03.

~ Paul, grumbling.

Update 10th Nov 2013:

Decided between other projects to finally revamp this place and have moved from a VPS to a dedicated server. Might take a while for everything, so please bear with me for a bit if you are a regular. If you are new, well, hey there! Umm, find a seat without concrete dust on it, I’ll get you a coffee in a sec…that’s if I can find the kettle in all this mess.

If you are curious how much I’ve got to do: despite not being prolific on here in for the past decade, a file search just gave me over 3,500 individual pages to convert over, and while a number are barely a few lines and need purging other, like the [ walkthrough to Wizardry VII ] run to a table heavy, 25+ page printout. Another of the ‘pages’ was nearly 90 A4 pages long before I broke it up. Might take a few days, eh! Well, months, possibly up to a year, there really are thousands of pages to work on!

[tech talk] (from a while back. Ooops!)

As it’s a fresh start, I’ve replaced the shared server with a mid range VPS from Hostgator. I was disappointed that this option doesn’t include Fantastico, but it’s no great hardship to buy a licence and install it from the WHM panel. Did have a problem with .php sites not loading, but an hour of live chat with support traced it to permission issues and he normalized them. As you can see, I am up and running again. The blog and gallery need customizing and re-populating. but I’ll get on with that over the weekend.

(Needless to say they got put in, more less, and are being updated again now)


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