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Service Update 30th April 2008

Yes, I know, nearly a year after I said I’d get on with it…

Please miss, I got a letter from me mam

From the doctors really, currently dealing with a HSP, a degenerative neural disorder that, amongst other things causes your muscles to atrophy. Had it about ten years now but it’s a tad insidious in that it tends to start at the legs and progress upwards…

Reached my bladder, thickened the muscles there and collapsed my ureters leading to kidney failure from hydronephrosis. Acute rather than chronic but two years on, after repeated surgery, while not life-threatening at present, still needs frequent hospital check-ups and days were I turn a funny shade of grey and keel over.

On top of that, and apparently the biggest contributer to my problems, mental if not physical, is, on top of chronic depression, also being diagnosed with PTSD. A little before said kidneys packed up I was in a road traffic accident with my son, run over on a pelicon crossing by some git in a white van. I had negligible injuries, he had “slight injuries” according to the terse police report (cough, cover up? cough back-hander?). "Slight" including a fractured skull and brain swelling than left him on life support, comatose in an intensive care unit in Manchester.
Smiley - ranting

Anyway, I am slowly trying to get some semblance of normality back into my life and this site back on track. Just going to take longer than I intended. Ho hum.

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