A glimpse back in time. A glimpse at 52 web sites from their earliest days

I was sat here, grumbling as my Internet speed dropped below 4Mb/s, then I got to remembering how it was with only 512kb/s a decade back or so ago, or further back to the late 90’s at around 56kb/s, or the early to mid 90’s creeping up from a paltry 9,600kb or less, through 14,400, 28,800 and up to the then giddy heights of 33,600kb/s. Rather puts it into perspective.

This page, or at least the images below, take up a chunky 6Mb in all:
On a typical 4-20Mb/s broadband, a few seconds isn’t so bad. Just be patient.
512Kb/s connection, ok, couple of minutes. Bit too much.
At 56kb/s, you are talking 15 minutes to see this page.
Back in the early 90’s, if it would even load at 9,600kb/s – which it wouldn’t in all probability – you’d need to wait at least an hour and a half to see the images below.

Note that the images are random and if you click on one, they (should) play in a slideshow, which is by far the best way to look at them!

So, using the Internet Archives Wayback Machine I’ve grabbed 52 slices out of time. One or two are of Ackadia, as I’ve been around for rather a while, the rest of relative new starters like, umm, Mashable and Huffingtop Post. Below is a slice of history, ranging from Mosaic in 1996, through tech giants like Apple, Intel and Nvidia, through games veterans like Interplay (who?), Bioware and Blizzard, with the rest taken from some of the the most popular sites around, like Etsy, Flickr, Ebay and the Wall Street Journal.

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