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DC’s and why I am closing Warcraft accounts

Quitting Warcraft forever! (Again!) ‘This’ account I’ve already cancelled and runs out in a few days, and my main account expires today. Every patch since v3.1.1 – even tiny ones like the one this morning – cause me major grief. I constantly DC on log on in any heavily populated...


We are Legendary

WoW Legendaries achievements Personally, I think Blizzard need to think long and hard over this ‘We are Legendary’ because it’s a whole nest of Vipers. For a start, there appear to be dithering over whether or not it will be retro-active. There’s a few ways this can go – and...


Blizzard fail on customer loyalty and retention?

Blizzard’s biggest problem is their managemental developers and PR treams. Forgive my bluntness, but ARE YOU THICK OR WHAT!? The garish ‘my little pony’ Celestial Steed in BoA and costs 20 Euro. A one-off payment to benefit all your alts. By all accounts this brought in tens of millions of...


WoW additional instances cannot be launched

WoW 3.2 killed instances Added this here so people can comment with their own experience if they want and to relate my ongoing frustration with the current instance problems with Warcraft. I have written a scathing article on the matter, you can read it here : Additional instances cannot be...


WoW Wrath Scourge prelude – is (unprintable)

woW pandemic scourge Congratulations to the morons at Blizzard that thought up and implemented a ‘fun’ prelude that rendered the game unplayable for many and so frustrating it’s not worth playing for others. PvP’ers are probably loving it, but most of those doing so are doing it maliciously. They give...


WoW 3.02 patch – or scratch? World Server is Down

WoW 3.02 strangles game This has to one of the buggiest patches ever. A lot of the complaints I saw were people just not knowing what to do, particularly with mounts, or talent trees, but others were stranger. Many players meeting themselves, even two or three copies of themselves, warriors...

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