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Server updates – on the move. Again.

Host change: to WP Engine Latest server update to improve the site responsiveness for viewers. Someone once said I was the most laid back person they’d ever met. Someone else said I was bat shit crazy. Both were probably right, depending on the circumstance. Some things that perhaps should upset,...


On the move, again. Hosting irks

I was with WordPress.com, a few niggles I was never happy with, but fast, secure, reliable, just… expensive. For a third the price WordPress(.com) asked, I can have unlimited WordPress(.org) sites. So I moved. Again. Currently with Bluehost, who are a sister company to Hostgator. Not sure how I feel...


Oops! WordPress broken, cannot redeclare

WordPress crashed – cannot redeclare Beggar! A plug-in and/or function edit just broke the site. Normal service will resume in a minute! … OK … this is not good :/ The fault, if you are curious is new and specific to one theme which previously worked fine and just fell...


Bookshelf sites and widgets

Library things Librarything I used to gave a widget for this (js based, not WordPress), but it’s long since broke. I’d refresh it but I don’t want ony more j.js on this site than necessary. Still, Librarything is still worth a look over. Goodreads : Goodreads This looks promising and...


Changing the Simplicity Theme

So far, short of taking the time and effort to develop and perfect one of my own, the Simplicy WordPress theme by Zit Seng is one of the best there is, provided you are happy to tinker and customise it. However, it still needs improving as there are accessibility issues,...

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