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Squarewords puzzle – answers

These are the words we found in the blocks, if you found any new, I’m impressed, do let us know. deer / dree / reed eras / rase / sera erne / neer /reen ores / rose / sore bird /drib aril / lira lame / male mase / mesa...


Nexus puzzles – answers

Spoiler alert! These are the answers to the Nexus puzzles nxa001: They can all be preceded by SUN, or by MOON nxa002b: They are all anagrams of boys names: Sean, Karl, Stan and Eric nxa003: The can all have LIGHT as a suffix nxa004: The can all be preceded by...


Squarewords puzzle

Squarewords See if you can solve this letter array puzzle. This is one of a large number of puzzles I wrote back in the 80’s. Seems a shame to waste it, so I’ve added it here. Squarewords Read clockwise or anticlockwise each block of four letters can form two or...


Nexus puzzles

Nexus word puzzle Going through my boxes, I found a load of puzzles I wrote back in the 80’s for various places. Seems a waste, so I’ll start adding them here. Can you find the connection between the following four words ? (nxa001) Words : Beam fish rise less (nxa002b)...

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