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Nexus puzzles – answers

Spoiler alert! These are the answers to the Nexus puzzles nxa001: They can all be preceded by SUN, or by MOON nxa002b: They are all anagrams of boys names: Sean, Karl, Stan and Eric nxa003: The can all have LIGHT as a suffix nxa004: The can all be preceded by SUN or end with LIGHT …

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Squarewords puzzle

Squarewords See if you can solve this letter array puzzle. This is one of a large number of puzzles I wrote back in the 80’s. Seems a shame to waste it, so I’ve added it here. Squarewords Read clockwise or anticlockwise each block of four letters can form two or more words. No proper nouns …

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Nexus puzzles

Nexus word puzzle Going through my boxes, I found a load of puzzles I wrote back in the 80’s for various places. Seems a waste, so I’ll start adding them here. Can you find the connection between the following four words ? (nxa001) Words : Beam fish rise less (nxa002b) Words: Sane lark tans rice …

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