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Netgear wireless network running again, finally

Netgear wireless Yesterday the (replacement) DG834N died. I’d turned it off to move it to it’s finally position, plugged it back in, and it curled up with power warnings. I was not happy. I was this close ‘. .’ to tossing it in the rubbish in temper, sod the warranty,...


Wireless problems with Netgear DG834N and WN311B continued

Netgear DG834N issues I tried a lot of faffing about I finally detected the culprit – and it wasn’t the WN311b adapter which has given me more than few problems in the past… J’accuse VOUS Netgear! The problem was a fault with the DG834N – several faults actually. Despite being...


Wireless problems with Netgear DG834N and WN311B

Netgear DG834N issues My thoughts on this hardware combination: (Insert strings of your worst expletives) Yep, that about sums it up. Darned thing has been flaky from the first day I got it, lately though it’s really starting to hack me off. The router itself is great. The problem is...