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Web design, by Ackadia

Web design, just how you like it, Sir! Sir, or ma’am, of course. First the good news: I am considering offering to do web sites again, for a reasonable, possibly even near-cost price. Huzzah! (See also our daughter site, Ackadia.co.uk) Now the bad news: I’m not a big fan of the curious idea that ‘the …

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Ackadia: 20 years of web design

Ackadia’s history, covering 1998 to the present day Ackadia has been gradually growing since 1998 and covers news, views and resources on computers, web design, games, education and general interest. The main emphasis of the site however is games, web design and the IT industry. Essentially, Ackadia is a huge help-file for my family, friends …

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