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ISO 8859 Character Sets

ISO character sets Language character sets ISO-8859-1 Latin-1 ASCII plus most Western European languages. e.g., Albanian, Finnish, Spanish and Swedish. Apparently omits certain Dutch, French & German characters ISO-8859-2 Latin-2 ASCII plus most Central European languages. e.g., Czech, German, Polish & Serbian ISO-8859-3 Latin-3 ASCII plus support for German, Maltese...


HTML ISO-Latin-1 Character set: accented characters

HTML code for accented characters Standard accented characters À (capital A, grave accent) À À Á (capital A, acute accent) Á Á Â (capital A, circumflex accent) Â Â Ã (capital A, tilde) Ã Ã Ä (capital A, umlaut or dieresis) Ä Ä Å (capital A, ring) Å Å Æ...


Ackadia: 20 years of web design

Ackadia’s history, covering 1998 to the present day Ackadia has been gradually growing since 1998 and covers news, views and resources on computers, web design, games, education and general interest. The main emphasis of the site however is games, web design and the IT industry. Essentially, Ackadia is a huge...


How not to design a professional website

Irony Given the title and contents I can’t talk*, I haven’t seriously revised Ackadia in years, something I need to correct soon. *(At the time of writing) Anyhow, someone disagreed with one of my reviews and requested a link removal. Looking at the page in question, found half the other...


Using meta tag keywords for search engine optimisation

Using Meta tags Meta Tag Overview Mega tags are bits of information inserted into the <head> area of your web pages. Apart from the fairly important <title> tag which headlines for the browser, the info in this header is mostly for search engines and browsers. The more obvious examples are...


Book review: Don't Make Me Think!

DON’T MAKE ME THINK. A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability” by   Steve Krug Published by Que Publishing. (ISBN 0-7897-2310-7) This is a no-nonsense approach to web design and makes for very easy reading. Happily a number of his principles I already apply and the rest, well a number...

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