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Site updates August to September 2020

* Takes a big hammers * Short version: I am revising every single page and post on the site, checking and redoing: Every image Every external link Every instance of corrupted html (e.g. £ or a single quote rendered as a string of foreign characters) Looking for typo’s etc, occasionally...


Site update : under the hood work in progress!

If the design and layout looks broke it’s your browser, not us – kinda! I’m adding SSL to make the place more secure (think bouncer on the door keeping unwanted guests from the party). This tends to cause a few hiccups and teething errors as browsers can be a tad...


Ackadia: 20 years of web design

Ackadia’s history, covering 1998 to the present day Ackadia has been gradually growing since 1998 and covers news, views and resources on computers, web design, games, education and general interest. The main emphasis of the site however is games, web design and the IT industry. Essentially, Ackadia is a huge...


Update for June 2012

Update June 2012 The site has been sorely neglected these past few years. Hopefully, as I fight my way out of depression, I can begin to rectify that and catch up, updating all areas gradually. ~ Paul


Home : Updates for 2009 to 2011

May 2009 through to January 2011 Done nothing! Really need to get my act together. Bearing in mind this used to be a Pagerank 7 site I estimate my potential losses due to ill-health, chronic depression, obsessions with games and general apathy to be in the region of well over...

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