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Neverwinter Nights Hints and Tips, Hordes of the Underdark

Hordes of the Underdark To be written up. Ask over the forums or email me for an instant answer. Cautionary warning. Anything you aren’t carrying on you after you free Halister and venture into the Underdark is lost. This includes anything you hoard in the ‘Gatehouse’ because you can’t find...


Neverwinter Nights Tips and Hints : Hints and tips, creation and prelude

Creation and Prelude Nice freebie In the prelude when you are first introduced to the game and training wizards, bards etc can get a magic wand with unlimited frost rays. It might only do a tiny amount of damage, but it is great for destroying doors and locked/trapped chests. Given...


Neverwinter Nights Hints and Tips, Chapter 3, Beorunna’s Well

Chapter Three: Beorunna’s Well The Elk tribe fort, Northern Homesteads Rescue Uncas from the Orc caves for the feather token to enter fort in peace. Besides the quest for Zoltan, you’ll find two items for your henchmen here. The wizards dungeon, Coldwood. I doubt you’ll get stuck with the gongs...