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BSOD: when experts get it wrong

Intro BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), the infamous sight of windows crashing, perhaps taking your work with it, perhaps taking everything with it, as the crash corrupts the file allocation tables beyond repair! (This is why we do back-ups, people!) The problem with the BSOD, and Microsoft’s cryptic messages, is...


Twitter : Five Word Tech Horrors

I was following this trend on Twitter – #FiveWordTechHorrors – and realised it seemed familiar. Then I remembered that one job. You know the one, a new client is having problems and pulls you in as a consultant to help them make the deadline. This is your first day… Perhaps...


Creative Labs GigaWorks S750 a £350 paperweight ?

Creative Labs GigaWorks S750 killed by an unreplaceable fuse! Letter to Creative after my very nice, very expensive speakers just gave up the ghost! : I turned the speakers off while cleaning behind the computer, now they won’t turn back on. I’ve checked the fuse, which is fine and the...