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Steam game time as a problem

Dev quitting Steam over the two-hour refund policy This post is in reply to an article on Eurogamer: Steam’s two-hour refund policy leads to indie developer quitting game development, adding ‘This is why we can’t have nice things’. It sets the story up nicely, but Gamersutras explanation is better: Steam...


Stoneshard, an Early Access review. (Notes to the devs)

Stoneshard, the early days Intro My (recent) review of Stoneshard on Steam was less than complimentary and suggested that – at least in early beta – it was not worth buying. I thought about it a bit longer and why I think that is and decided the game is ‘working...


Developing a game from scratch, 2020

Clarification While I have – on and off – played with programming for decades, have worked on Circle MUD based MMOs and have designed board games, I am not a ‘developer’, I am, as far as you are concerned, a complete and utterly clueless noob. This is not a “How...


A guide to Grimmwood

Initial Review: Grimmwood beta ( Skip intro, jump to menu ) Grimmwood Looking for something completely different? Grimmwood – an MMO, available on Steam – might be the answer. And yes, the answer is firmly ‘might’ as it’s the ultimate ‘Marmite’ of games. You will like it, or you will...

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