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Steam game time as a problem

Dev quitting Steam over the two-hour refund policy This post is in reply to an article on Eurogamer: Steam’s two-hour refund policy leads to indie developer quitting game development, adding ‘This is why we can’t have nice things’. It sets the story up nicely, but Gamersutras explanation is better: Steam...


Stoneshard, an Early Access review. (Notes to the devs)

Stoneshard, the early days Intro updated December 2021 saw the release of the City of Gold patch. The game is still in early beta and I haven’t had the chance to play much into it, but I am pleased to note one or two of its most annoying quirks were...


Developing a game from scratch, 2020

Clarification While I have – on and off – played with programming for decades, have worked on Circle MUD based MMOs and have designed board games, I am not a ‘developer’, I am, as far as you are concerned, a complete and utterly clueless noob. This is not a “How...


A guide to Grimmwood

Initial Review: Grimmwood beta ( Skip intro, jump to menu ) Grimmwood Looking for something completely different? Grimmwood – an MMO, available on Steam – might be the answer. And yes, the answer is firmly ‘might’ as it’s the ultimate ‘Marmite’ of games. You will like it, or you will...

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