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Questions you may want to ask your web developer

Intro Questions you may want to ask your web developer. Note, this page is a work in progress. I’m publishing it warts and all now as it will take a few weeks to finish. The points are in no particular order at present; I want to get it out there....


The trials of keeping a web site up

This is something for you to think about when you see a web site offered for free or something ridiculous like £1.99 a year including e-commerce. Stuff economies of scale, costs have to be covered. You can do sites for free (or at least at cost), I certainly do for...


Site update : under the hood work in progress!

If the design and layout looks broke it’s your browser, not us – kinda! I’m adding SSL to make the place more secure (think bouncer on the door keeping unwanted guests from the party). This tends to cause a few hiccups and teething errors as browsers can be a tad...