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Contact form spam

A friend received the following, below, so I deconstructed it for her, advising that it was “dodgy as heck, do not follow the link”. This is a mass spam to get unwary people to click on the link, which will almost certainly install malware or the like on your computer....


Twittertraffic affiliate spammer johngoogle et al

Twitter spammers – @johngoogle and ‘friends’ You might have seen this guy. He is so prolific it’s ridiculous! As fast as these accounts are banned he’ll spawn hundreds more, but it gives you an insight into these people. Sadly, but undoubtedly a select few of these are getting very wealthy...


My top ten rules for email

Keeping your mailbox clean 1) Always have an up-to-date anti-virus package and ideally use at least one spam filter. 2) Don’t accept mail with attachments even from relatives if you can help it (unless you are specifically expecting something) – and not ever from strangers! 3) Use different emails as...