Spellcaster University: Bullet points

Bullet points for rooms etc in Spellcaster University This is more of a supplementary index page, a quick answer to “How do I get this?” See the expanded pages in our Spellcaster University Guide for more detailed information. Classes and utility rooms and how to draw them { Drawing cards. Here ‘base’ for gold } …

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Spellcaster University Guide

Introduction to Spellcaster University This is the long version, for the quick answers, I have added a bullet point guide to Spellcaster University cards. This is more of a guide than a review, but I found the perfect game review on GOG, so, take it away, Igasho: Hours of Fun and Unique “Spellcaster University” is …

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Neverwinter Nights Guide : my character

The Neverwinter Nights Adventures of Kell Ack’adia Kell Ack’adia is a teller of tales, a loremaster, and a lousy musician. Though good-natured and friendly at heart he is rather amoral and not beyond interpreting laws and rules to suit the chaotic duality of his own view of the world. Chapter One: Neverwinter City On the …

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Neverwinter Nights Guide : Intro

Neverwinter Nights Introduction There are full guides, so I’m just going to give hints and tips (some might say spoilers) for the bits I reckon will cause the most frustration. For all the roaming nature, the game is largely linear with few if any really difficult puzzles. The hardest things seem to be of the …

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Baldur’s Gate : monsters

The following information is from: JL Worth’s site (was on Geocities, but long gone now) Ankheg AL: Neutral, AC 2, MV 12 {BR 6} Hit dice: 3-8 {8 in BG}, Thaco 17-13 {13 in BG} #AT: 1, Dmg: 3d6{crush}+1d4{acid} Special attacks: Squirt acid to a distance of 30 feet causing 8d4 damage (vs poison for …

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Baldur’s Gate : characters

Party characters, their stats and where to find them Alora, chaotic-good Halfling thief (fm) Stats: Str: 8 / Dex: 19 / Con: 12 / Int: 14 / Wis: 7 / Chr: 10 Found around: Baldur’s Gate town, Hall of Wonders Thoughts: Good dexterity for a thief, but unless you want and all rogue party, there …

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