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Analysis of Twitter as at June 2009

Analysis of Twitter (June 2009) This data is largely compiled from over 4.5million users from the excellent work done by Hubspot (@Hubspot) and graciously shared in this .pdf document : State of the Twittersphere June 2009 (To discuss their report on Twitter use hashtag: #SOTwitter) Initial Stats (rounded): 80% failed...


14 features Twitter needs to consider

Twitter’s to do list : Built-in system to reduce URLS and – much more so – to expand the address on mouseover – as some apps already do. Too many nasty surprises can be hidden in obfuscated links! Renaming the assignments from “following” and “followers” to something easier and more...


What’s the deal about Twitter?

Twitter? I actually answered this first on YahooAnswerUk, but I reckon it belongs here too as it will be useful for many. In reply to the question:  Twitter.com What is the deal? Can someone tell me how twitter.com works and why do people like it so much. I’ve only been...


(Re)Building up a web presence

Building up a web presence This rambling post comes about because every now and then over the years – since way, way back in 1995 in fact, when I had a high street computer shop / cybernet cafe* – friends and business acquaintances would ask for advice about promotions and...

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