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Dummies guide to SEO – for small business owners

This post: circa 6,000 words, estimated reading time: 30 minutes. Dummies guide to SEO for small business owners This post attempts to explain the complexities – and traps – of Search Engine Optimisation in simple terms. It will get technical in several places; I can’t avoid that, so just ignore...


SEO: SomeLongUselessName

SomeLongUselessName This is a post about search engines and online advertising. The title is meaningless, it is meant to be meaningless, after all, it forms a test about search engine optimisation. An advert claimed results in 60 seconds. I call bullshit, but rather that use their software I’m going to...


SEO: Go BIG or go home!

Random side post: It matters! I started this in the middle of a game development post, and it grew a bit. This post is (more or less) about SEO, but it crosses over. One of my favourite quotes, which I have to constantly remind myself of, is: “You don’t see...

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