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Farming legendary plans and materials in Diablo RoS

In making this as authoritative as possible I’ve ‘farmed’ every possible recipe and legendary crafting materials including a frustrating few like the Gimmering Gemstone that I’ll never need (having preciously made the Staff of Herding). As such this guide is from a genuine players point of view – as opposed...


Diablo : What is wrong about enchanting and why

Why Blizzard are short changing players with the Mystic – and what they can do to fix it! The Mystic Blizzard introduced the saucy enchanter in Diablo RoS and for some it was an instant hit, for others it remains at best frustrating, at worst a complete waste of time...


Risk free levelling in Harcore Diablo : FIXED

Permadeath Hardcore more is permadeath mode. If you die, every on the character is lost. So imagine my surprise when I discovered a level – with chests and generous xp rewards – where the designers forgot to add any hazards!   WARNING NOTE: Within about an hour of me creating...


Farming the Staff of Herding in Diablo RoS

Remake the Staff of Herding, adventurer, and, at the invite of the Ghost of the Cow King, enter the secret realm of Whimsyshire, home to pots of gold, fluffy clouds that rain coins at a touch, treasure laden pinatas – oh yes, and murderous plants, brightly coloured but homicidal teddy...


Farming for the Hellfire Ring in Diablo RoS

Keys and Infernal Machines: Note that you have to be at Torment I or better if you intend to farm these. You need one of each of the four keys to make the new Infernal Machines – at a cost of 100,000 gold – but you do at least get...


Farming white weapons in Diablo RoS

Note: This crafting requirement was removed from the game in patch 2.05 I’ve left the article in as it still makes a point, even if the information itself is obsolete, this being that it was a badly planned and implemented feature that, as it was, should never have made it...

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