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Entitled asylum seekers living the life – at tax payers expense (?)

This post: circa 3,500 words, estimated reading time: 16 minutes Prisoners, caged like animals This post was prompted by an article by WalesOnline, claiming asylum seekers are being caged like animals. The short Facebook post read like this: “Caged like animals, eight to every empty, cold room. Made to wait...


A refugee’s tale

Intro This story came about as I walked my dog in the pouring rain and remembered a few news articles recently where refugees had turned up at police stations, asking to be returned home because they are sick of the weather. You’ll see media articles decrying how we are a...


Desperate refugees – or ungrateful, manipulative, economic migrants?

Bored and ungrateful migrants There is an article in today’s Daily Mail: "They told us we were going to Frankfurt, but we’ve ended up in this wilderness": Migrants turn up their noses at ‘boring’ German village… and some have already left. The tiny village of Sumte in Germany – population...

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