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How much common sense do you have?

I got Perfect common sense!! You have an abundance of common sense! You ranked in the 90%th percentile, which means that you are able to answer difficult questions correctly that the average person would not be able to. You analyze problems literally, and are able to see past trickery or...


Can You Name These Sci-Fi Spaceships?

I managed 91% myself. Helps to play close attention as the one I thought was Deathstar really threw me! Still, not one one I recognise in any case. [playbuzz-game game=”http://www.playbuzz.com/radiotimes10/can-you-name-these-sci-fi-spaceships”]


What career are you meant for?

Another fun Playbuzz for you, this time asking to a short series of questions to determine your ideal occupation. For me, not unsurprisingly it said I should be writer : You have a skill for language, your imagination is vast and you are artistic and creative. Your brain is just...


Two dozen photography word puzzles – answers

Photography word puzzles: Answers Hint: this was first written back in the 80’s – a bygone era with no PC’s as such, no Internet and no photo printers – when film cameras ruled the world and photographers used dark rooms to process pictures. Fill in the word / letters which...


Multi-choice photography quiz: part 1

Multiple-choice photography quiz: part 1, questions 1 to 20 Menu: [ Part 1 (1-20) ] ~ [ Part 2 (21-40) ] ~ [ Part 3 (41-60) ] ~ [ Part 4 (61-80) ] ~ [ Part 5 (81-100) ] PART ONE 1) Baryta is used in a) film emulsion b)...


24 Photography questions to test you

TWENTY FOUR PHOTOGRAPHY QUESTIONS 1) When was the first recorded Camera Obscura? 2) Can you name at least two members of the influential American ‘Group f64’? 3) You are at a rock concern using HP5 film at 3200 ASA. How would you process it? 4) When was the first ever...