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Could One Factor Explain All of These Psychological Disorders?

A recent article on psychology asked whether ‘One Factor Explain All of These Psychological Disorders?’ And proceeded to argue it was compelling. I would completely disagree and believe it’s a case of an academic had an idea and went out to find evidence that fitted nicely into the box he’d made.

Finding Rat #42, alleged Harvard asshole

Uncovering Harvard’s Rat #42 A poorly copied, blurry version of this parody lab story popped up in my Facebook stream early today. I squinted (it really was a poor copy!), smiled and possibly even laughed as I remembered this from a few years back, found while studying psychology. Funny as heck at the time, it …

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Forensic Psychology and Mindfulness

This post: circa 2,200 words, estimated reading time: 11 minutes. (Full content, inc. references, 4,000 words, 20 minutes. Forensic Psychology and Mindfulness Mindfulness Case presentation for Sophie   (Note. This was for a Y3 university assessment. Sophie is a representation, not a real person.)   Sophie is a young, unmarried mother, aged 31, currently serving …

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A word on DLC and loot boxes. Acceptable, or not?

Intro I recently played a ‘free to play, pay to win’ game, liked the PvE element, hated the PvP element and quit in part because of it. As far as I’m concerned the game (Chaos and Conquest) was practically a text book check list of every possible devious and unethical psychological and marketing trick you …

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The fear is real

Giz mode I intended to approach this from another angle, but this one will suffice! An article in Gizmodo (shared on Facebook) began by decrying: “On Tuesday night, Brazil’s president demanded that governors end quarantine measures, falsely claiming that “90 percent” of the population will show no symptoms from covid-19 and bragging he wouldn’t even …

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The most dangerous word in the world

I was scrolling through Facebook, like you do, and ran into Clive. Don’t be like Clive. The post in question, entitled ‘Why This Word Is So Dangerous to Say or Hear‘, was by Psychology Today and detailed research – using an fMRI – on the cognitive effect of negativity. It happens to be one of …

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Global warming and denialism

I’ll expand this when I have more time, but it serves as a starting point. I really should get round to writing an article on denialism, notably including global warning. For the moment though, the main focus of this post is on the plastic aspect of it all. In parts of the world’s oceans are …

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