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The Ahuman Manifesto

Seems a philosophy professor has upset the Twitter brigade for telling the brutal truth in a lecture! Under her goth-like picture on Yahoo, where she looks a bit like Morticia Addams, is the caption: Patricia MacCormack, a UK philosophy professor, has shaken up the climate-crisis discussion by suggesting, through her...


Mass migration as a globalist (caused) problem.

Tears for immigrants? There’s another bleeding hearts ‘luvee’ post on Yahoo by the Guardian that has me kicking off, again: EU obsession with migration is shameful, racist and fatal by Observer columnist Kenan Malik. It basically says how awful the EU and European countries – especially Italy – are for...


Pondering the world population: How bad can things get?

It took about 3 million years from the earliest known humanoids climbing out the trees to reaching an estimated million humans by the stone age. Zipping from flint axes, through the bronze age and into the early iron age and the start of the Roman Empire it took the human...