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Conforming to the narrative

This post: circa 1,500 words, estimated reading time: 7 to 8 minutes. Do you conform to the narrative? This is a general question and applies equally to barmy TV plots, politics, religions, media ‘guidance’ and the madness of the ‘woke’ left. Do you go along with what you are told...


The Brexit Party: What’s their game?

Baffled by what the Brexit Party are doing, and more to the point, what they NOT doing, I send them the following letters: Hi, I see you STILL do not have a list of candidates. This is top on the news you scrapped around half of your candidates. Candidates who...


The steady decline of the NHS

Intro While this article is a reflection of recent experiences of the NHS, it is far from being a rose-tinted, Pollyanna type rant about how much better things were in the ‘good old days’.     For instance, in the 60’s (at least in Whiston hospital) is was routine and...


UK Elections 2017: A fundamental party you can hope for

UK Elections 2017 So, here we are again, voting days away, only it’s not so easy this time. Tories and May? For: They offer the most realistic chance of a favourable Brexit. They offer the most realistic chance of improving the economy, eventually. Against: Tories as a whole are in...

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