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Depression and finding myself again

Intro I’ve flagged this as psychological rather than general mutterings but I’ll soon start work on my sites again so perhaps it will be in a ‘personal’ category. We’ll see. My wife and children think I’m having a mid-life crisis, my mum and aunty are just glad I don’t look...


More positive affirmation notes from my past

Trying to refind yourself These notes have been in a box for I don’t know how many years and are perhaps a measure of the person I was or maybe could have been, had I not lost my path and let life and depression wear me down. I am trying...


Breaking the depression cycle. My positive affirmation and empowerment list.

Intro This was and is more for myself, but 1 in 4 people have depression or other mental health issues at some point in their life or, for some, throughout there life, so perhaps you may find it useful too, whether as a clinician, as someone with mental health problems,...


Rediscovering yourself – self empowerment 101

Rediscovering myself Yourself, or as here, myself. This will be a long, rambling post. This is primarily for my benefit, to find my center again and where I need to be in life to heal. If you get something out of it, great. If you see this as blowing my...

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