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GCHQ play ‘I spy’ with dyslexics

GCHQ and dyslexia A recent post in the Guardian claimed, People with dyslexia have skills that we need, says GCHQ, adding, the “UK surveillance agency says it has long valued neuro-diverse analysts – including Alan Turing.” Setting aside – for now – the suspicion that GCHQ and its predecessors had...


Grammar Police: A force for good, or ill?

Intro This article was started as a reply to a Facebook post, one asking for better grammar. It quickly escalated, and comments were turned off soon after. Still, it gave me material and thoughts for this post, though it wasn’t shared there. Not that simple For those annoyed with the...


Playbuzz: How sensitive is your OCD radar?

It will probably not come as a surprise to some people that I scored 100% in the Playbuzz test (linked at the bottom of the page). However, you could argue as to whether the short quiz demeans people genuinely suffering from crippling OCD, as opposed to simply being a bit...