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Corona and exponential growth, when does it all end?

Allowing for heavy rounding-up, I was playing with the maths of Covid-19 in the UK. Jan 1st, no. of cases: 0, chance of infection: near to zero Feb 1st, no. of cases: ~ 2, chance of infection: 33 million to 1 Mar 1st, no. of cases: 36, chance of infection:...


Covid-19, a random hypothesis

CAVEATS FIRST: I am not a doctor, or a virologist, or any other sort of ‘gist. (Yet, anyway). So, this is most definitely not an “expert opinion”. However, a growing body of research is supporting my ‘gut feeling’. (See addenda 5, later). You could also fairly argue, given the lack...


What are you hiding, Corona?

In a recent article on Mashable, entitled Entitled billionaire Elon Musk thinks coronavirus panic is ‘dumb’, writer Jack Morse began his post with a hysterical warning that The world stands transfixed by possible disaster. You’re wrong, Jack Morse of Mashable, Elan Musk is right, get over yourself! The whole coronavirus...