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Welcoming Afghans and other immigrants – without question

This post: circa 5,500 words, estimated reading time, excluding videos: 28 minutes. Not a lot of immigrants This post began as a reply to one on Facebook, after the announcement that GB News North East of England reporter Rachel Sweeney believes her region will welcome Afghan refugees‘ ‘I would argue...


Entitled asylum seekers living the life – at tax payers expense (?)

This post: circa 3,500 words, estimated reading time: 16 minutes Prisoners, caged like animals This post was prompted by an article by WalesOnline, claiming asylum seekers are being caged like animals. The short Facebook post read like this: “Caged like animals, eight to every empty, cold room. Made to wait...


Mass migration as a globalist (caused) problem.

Tears for immigrants? There’s another bleeding hearts ‘luvee’ post on Yahoo by the Guardian that has me kicking off, again: EU obsession with migration is shameful, racist and fatal by Observer columnist Kenan Malik. It basically says how awful the EU and European countries – especially Italy – are for...