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Kidney failure u/e charts, 2006

Graphs and charts for blood pressure, potassium and creatinine, 2006 These charts are mostly of interest to doctors and medical students Morning blood pressure chart, 2006: Blood pressure was very high until the Royale put me on amlodopine and got to treating the underlying cause of the kidney failure. Evening...


Pulmonary Embolism – having kidney failure saved my life!

How kidney failure concerns led to discovering an embolism Health is a precious commodity You don’t realise how valuable it is – until it starts to run out! There’s an eye-opening headline for you, eh! Certainly melodramatic, probably but by no means definitely an exaggeration, but, in essence, it’s true!...


Ah for the taste of Cain’s Raisin Beer!

So near and yet so far /cry My wife just come back from Asda with a groceries and some Cain’s Fine Raisin Beer that were on special offer. And I can’t have any ‘cos of my meds and beggared kidneys 🙁 Next time I see my nephrology consultant I’m asking...


Home : Updates April 2008

Service Update 30th April 2008 Yes, I know, nearly a year after I said I’d get on with it… Please miss, I got a letter from me mam From the doctors really, currently dealing with a HSP, a degenerative neural disorder that, amongst other things causes your muscles to atrophy....

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