Kidney failure u/e charts, 2006

Graphs and charts for blood pressure, potassium and creatinine, 2006 These charts are mostly of interest to doctors and medical students Morning blood pressure chart, 2006: Blood pressure was very high until the Royale put me on amlodopine and got to treating the underlying cause of the kidney failure. Evening blood pressure chart, 2006: As …

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Pulmonary Embolism – having kidney failure saved my life!

How kidney failure concerns led to discovering an embolism Health is a precious commodity You don’t realise how valuable it is – until it starts to run out! There’s an eye-opening headline for you, eh! Certainly melodramatic, probably but by no means definitely an exaggeration, but, in essence, it’s true! Perhaps "Having kidney failure may …

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Home : Updates April 2008

Service Update 30th April 2008 Yes, I know, nearly a year after I said I’d get on with it… Please miss, I got a letter from me mam From the doctors really, currently dealing with a HSP, a degenerative neural disorder that, amongst other things causes your muscles to atrophy. Had it about ten years …

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