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Product plans for Horseplay

« Horseplay’s ‘current’ and ‘future’ plans » This was written back in the 80’s and is copied here. ~ Paul The rules to ‘Equestrian’ are being reviewed to have three variations: The first is akin to its chess origin and relies entirely upon the players skill. The second adds a...


Photographs of early Horseplay boards

« Horseplay prototype photos » Notes: Rather than scan negatives from 1989 I’ve set the game up using the original photographs and snapped them with my Nikon. May add a few more shots another day. I’ll also re-do many of the designs and pictures with Photoshop or something. Horseplay prototype...


Technical drawings for Horseplay’s prototype

« Technical drawings for Horseplay » Notes: Here are some of the technical drawings for the game, prepared by illustrator and cartoonist Jayel (John Lucas). Isometric projection of the letter and counter token tiles Perspective view of a design for the horse player piece Isometric view of the tile rack...


Horseplay : Rodeo Run

« Rules for Horseplay’s Rodeo Run » Rodeo Run option Naturally some people are best with numbers, while others are more at home with words. A third person may find that their real forté is that of skilful co-ordination of pieces, as with Rustling. To balance the differences and indeed...


Horseplay : board game rules

« Rules for the Horseplay board game » Introduction Horseplay is a word game of cunning and strategy, designed for one to four players of all age groups. The aim is simple – to form the longest, highest scoring word possible with accrued letters, whilst at the same time hampering...


Horseplay : Rustling rules

« Horseplay’s Rustling rules » Introduction Rustling is a variation on the draughts theme (or checkers if you prefer). The aim of the game is to rustle livestock – horses in fact. So, instead of the players having to take all their opponents pieces to win they merely have to...

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