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Horseplay's Accumulator rules

« Rules for Horseplay’s Accumulator » Introduction Accumulator is played the same way as Horseplay, except the letter tiles are revered to display numbers and mathmatical signs, and that the scoring system differs. Accumulator game format and scoring system A randomly picked number is the target. On the smaller, 9×9 […]

Horseplay's product history

« Horseplay’s development history March 19th, 1987 Concieved ‘Chessword’ – renamed to Horseplay – as a magazine puzzle and board game. April 1st, 1987 Added ‘Rustling’ and ‘Equestrian’ to the game rules. April 18th, 1987 Finished first prototype. June 16th, 1987 Conceived rules for ‘Accumulator, adding it to the game. […]