Introduction Horseplay (©1987, 1989, 2011) Horseplay is a board game I developed in the 80’s with the intention of turning it into magazine puzzles, computer games and even a television game show. It is a […]

Horseplay's Accumulator rules

« Rules for Horseplay’s Accumulator » Introduction Accumulator is played the same way as Horseplay, except the letter tiles are revered to display numbers and mathmatical signs, and that the scoring system differs. Accumulator game […]

Horseplay's components

« Horseplay’s components » Horseplay components: 100 Letter / number tiles  60 counters in four colours (15 of each in red, blue, green and black)    4 horse pieces    4 tile racks    1 […]

Horseplay's product history

« Horseplay’s development history March 19th, 1987 Concieved ‘Chessword’ – renamed to Horseplay – as a magazine puzzle and board game. April 1st, 1987 Added ‘Rustling’ and ‘Equestrian’ to the game rules. April 18th, 1987 […]

Product plans for Horseplan

« Horseplay’s ‘current’ and ‘future’ plans » This was written back in the 80’s and is copied here. ~ Paul The rules to ‘Equestrian’ are being reviewed to have three variations: The first is akin […]