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Neverwinter Nights Guide : my character

The Neverwinter Nights Adventures of Kell Ack’adia Kell Ack’adia is a teller of tales, a loremaster, and a lousy musician. Though good-natured and friendly at heart he is rather amoral and not beyond interpreting laws and rules to suit the chaotic duality of his own view of the world. Chapter […]

Neverwinter Nights Guide : Intro

Neverwinter Nights Introduction There are full guides, so I’m just going to give hints and tips (some might say spoilers) for the bits I reckon will cause the most frustration. For all the roaming nature, the game is largely linear with few if any really difficult puzzles. The hardest things […]

Baldur’s Gate : Useful tables

Handy tables for Baldur’s Gate. Also useful for playing AD&D in general Note: I have a vast amount of work to do converting these old table based HTML from the 90’s into these WordPress posts, I’m going to use a few screen grabs to save a lot of time! The […]

Baldur’s Gate Solution : Items : Wands, tomes and potions

Wands, tomes, manuals and other magical items found in Baldur’s Gate game Format: Item Location Comments Manual of Bodily Health AR3600 Sirines Cave For Constitution +1 Manual of Gainful Exercise Below Candlekeep For Strength +1 Manual of Quickness of Action Thieves Guild BG AR0800 For Dexterity +1 Tome of Clear […]

Baldur’s Gate Solution : Items : Melee weapons

Melee weapons found in Baldur’s Gate game Format: Item Location Comments Battleaxe +1 (1) Feldeposts Inn 1d8 +1 (no thac0 increase!) Battleaxe +2 Fight in Helm & Cloak BG AR0100 1d8 +2 (no thac0 increase!) Dagger +1 (1) Beregest Smithy (2) Steal-Candlekeep (3) Sorcerous Sundries BG AR0800 – Upstairs (4) […]

Baldur’s Gate Solution : Items : Boots and cloaks

Boots and cloaks found in Baldur’s Gate game Format: Item Location(s) Comments Boots of Avoidance Nashkel – Nimbul (mercenary) Resist missiles +5 Boots of Grounding Nashkel mines – level 4 – Mulahey Resist electricial 50% Boots of Speed Guarding Mine AR1800 Increases movement rate Boots of Stealth (1)Hobgoblin AR3800 (2)Hobgoblin […]

Baldur’s Gate Solution : Items : Gloves and belts

Gloves and belts found in Baldur’s Gate game Format: Item Location Comments Bracers of Archery Zal – AR5300 CloudPeak Mountains Missile thaco +2 Bracers of Defence AC8 (1) Feldeposts Inn (2)Kill the guy selling cursed scrolls! AR4700 AC 8 Bracers of Defence AC7 (1) Fighters – AR3500 (2) Fight in […]