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Stoneshard roadmap

Stoneshard roadmap Menu: Intro Official roadmap Is it just me,or… Finding Stoneshard on social media Revised Stoneshard roadmap: intro Landmark goals met: releases 2020 Landmark goals in progress: 2021 Looking ahead: City of gold, 2021 Looking ahead: The Wizard’s Fate, 2022 Links page Intro I’m writing this because the official...


Stoneshard: Defeating the Ancient Troll

Defeating the Ancient Troll (with a pyromancer) Beating the Ancient Troll: Preparation is key. I beat him with a ‘fire mage’ for the simple reason that’s my preference in all games, but the guide should work for all pure* builds. It should be noted though that fire, once they have...


Stoneshard, an Early Access review. (Notes to the devs)

Stoneshard, the early days Intro My (recent) review of Stoneshard on Steam was less than complimentary and suggested that – at least in early beta – it was not worth buying. I thought about it a bit longer and why I think that is and decided the game is ‘working...