Stoneshard roadmap

Stoneshard roadmap Menu: Intro Official roadmap Is it just me,or… Finding Stoneshard on social media Revised Stoneshard roadmap: intro Landmark goals met: releases 2020 Landmark goals in progress: 2021 Looking ahead: City of gold, 2021 Looking ahead: The Wizard’s Fate, 2022 Links page Intro I’m writing this because the official roadmap on Steam is confusing …

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Stoneshard: Defeating the Ancient Troll

Defeating the Ancient Troll (with a pyromancer) Beating the Ancient Troll: Preparation is key. I beat him with a ‘fire mage’ for the simple reason that’s my preference in all games, but the guide should work for all pure* builds. It should be noted though that fire, once they have a full tier, is considered …

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