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Brexit agreement: deal or betrayal?

This post: circa 1,500 words, estimated reading time: 7 minutes Opinion I haven’t read the details – yet – but my gut reaction, based on brief day one news, is we have been right royally stitched up and both the fishing industry and Northern Ireland have been sold down the...


Warcraft Carp fishing for the guild: Panderan Angler

This short article is just to gee up my guild (Remnants of Chaos on Aerie Peak) to finish the Pandaren pool fishing achievement, but putting a carrot on the stick as bait, so to speak. It does apply in general, though, so you might want to read on. In specific...


Warcraft: How to make 64,000g levelling fishing!

$64,000 question: How do you get rich fishing in WoW? I’ll probably insert the screengrabs tomorrow, but suffice to say I am making up to 2,500g an hour simply levelling fishing from 450 to 525 on alts. Today, on my druid, I made over 9,000g – just fishing – while...