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Book review : Salvatore’s Demon Trilogy

R.A. Salvatore – The Demon Trilogy The Demon Awakens ISBN 1-85798-827-2 The Demon Spirit ISBN 1-85798-904-X The Demon Apostle ISBN 1-85798-923-6 Published by Millennium Fantasy As a long time fan of Salvatore how could I not read these three meaty tomes. There’s a lot in these besides the words, but...


Book review: Warhammer – Lords of Valour

Warhammer : Lords of Valour (Edited by Marc Gascoigne & Christian Dunn) Published by Black Library Publications   (ISBN 1-84154-150-8) I used to play the Warhammer RPG so naturally I gravitate towards than novels based on the Games Workshop game. Most of the books in the collection are quite good,...


Book review: The Silent Blade

R.A. Salvatore Forgotten Realms : The Silent Blade (Originally) Published by TSR (ISBN 0-7869-1388-6) Yet another foray by the heroes Drizzt, Wulgar, Cattie-bBrie, Regis and Bruenor in the continuing saga of the sentient crystal Crenshinibon. This books waxes philosophical as they travel to have the evil destroyed and Wulgars twisted...