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A word on DLC and loot boxes. Acceptable, or not?

Intro I recently played a ‘free to play, pay to win’ game, liked the PvE element, hated the PvP element and quit in part because of it. As far as I’m concerned the game (Chaos and Conquest) was practically a text book check list of every possible devious and unethical...


Warhammer: Chaos and Conquest Guide: Gathering

« « Back to the Chaos & Conquest menu page Gathering Resources Node / Yield / (gathering rate)* 1 100k (96.7k/hour) 2 200k (193k/hour) 3 300k (266k/hour) 4 450k (362k/hour) 5 750k (453k/hour) 6 1.2m (604k/hour) 7 1.5m (725k/hour) 8 1.75m(876k/hour) 9 2.0m (1.02m/hour) 10 2.5m (1.27m/hour) * Notes: Above...


Warhammer Chaos and Conquest guide: Events

« « Back to the Chaos & Conquest menu page Events: Making order out of the Chaos There’s several pa&yens;$, sorry, several ways of considering events. Some are a gift, some are, for most, pointless, the rest are a blatant attempt at raiding your wallet, or draining you resources for...


Warhammer Chaos and Conquest guide

« « Back to the Chaos & Conquest menu page Intro Firstly, importantly, this is a follow-on to my rather long overview of this game. At present, and until early June (2020), this page will be a work in progress; the main content and databases are to follow. On reflection,...

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