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2019: EU falls

Observation The EU is a ruddy great Ponzi scheme with 500 million mugs being played by a relative handful of utterly corrupt bankers, politicians and multi-nationals. And it will all come falling down soon, with or without our help, we will just speed up the inevitable. For instance, I read,...


Brexit means no Brexit: here we go again

Right about now, when I should be busy with other stuff, I’m hopping up and down in fury over the duplicity of Theresa May, her ministers, and her unelected legion of EU puppets pulling strings in Whitehall. Remainer’s might roll their eyes at the mere sight of the word ‘unelected’...


The true madness of the EU: An army pushing into Russia

Does the EU intend an army? I saw a comment on Facebook today… “Also if you believe everything in the papers (not saying I do) the EU have been planning an EU army on the quiet, if anything smacks of Nazism that does…” … and answered it there, but it...


We are not with EU: The day after Brexit, a reality check!

Are you with us? No, we are not with EU! The UK has voted to leave the European Union. Before you buy into all the media hype a reality check is wanted. Remember that while the likes of the BBC, the Daily Mail, the Guardian or even Le Monde won’t...


Brexit? In or out EU lose?

Addenda update 9th May 2017 To all the French that voted for Emmanuel Macron on Sunday: you got played!! Whatever follows next is on you! Whatever my misgivings (and bias) about his Rothschild banking history, and regardless of the fact, on paper, he’s a better presidential candidate (in terms of...

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