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Epson, multi-functions, & a look at HP Laserjet Pro 200

Reviewing the HP Laserjet Pro 200: Intro First a word on my old Epson. My previous printer, an Epson R220, whilst capable of producing great printouts, was notoriously work-shy. Fickle actually. Prima Dona comes to mind. Give it a gourmet diet (of Epson’s own) and it purrs, but dare you to offer it ink that …

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Dixons Twitter discounts

Further to my post on the Epson V700 scanner I was window shopping at Dixons Online and saw they ‘Tweet’ too, as they’ve just joined it themselves. Anyway, what’s the first thing I see but a link to a £20 discount for the stuff I was ordering. Go Twitter. I laugh at the people who …

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What’s going on at Dabs?

For many years Dabs have been one of my first stops for ordering computer gear. Even when I was getting full trade discounts from wholesalers like Ingram Micro, Dabs retail prices had a tendency to be  cheaper (let alone their trade prices). I spent a load with them earlier this month too. Now, when I …

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