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Grammar Police: A force for good, or ill?

Intro This article was started as a reply to a Facebook post, one asking for better grammar. It quickly escalated, and comments were turned off soon after. Still, it gave me material and thoughts for this post, though it wasn’t shared there. Not that simple For those annoyed with the...


Playbuzz English test

Have to laugh at a grammar test that gives the following: You aced it!! You are a master of the English Language. Your English skills are phenomenal. You passed a test that only 2 in 50 Native English speakers do. You must be passionate about languages and the written word....


What Kind Of Grammar Nerd Are You?

See how you fair. I got The Enlightened Grammarian : You know your stuff when it comes to proper English grammar and writing, but you’re not overly traditional. Language does evolve, after all! Chances are high that you’re fascinated, rather than put off by, the verbing of nouns or the...


How many English words do you actually know?

I managed 26/30 (Vicious Vocabulary Viper) and had to guess more than I’d like to admit. It’s not everyday you see some of the words listed and nearly a third of them I have either never heard of or was looking at wondering if it was archaic and out of...

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