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Neverwinter Nights and Eltoora, chapter three

Eltoora Sarptyl, Chapter three Tome of the Boot Where: Behind Aarin Gend’s Lodge Ingredients: Gargoyle skull and Bodak Tooth Cast: Stoneskin For ‘Gargoyle Boots’ Tome of Robes Where: Corpse in a destroyed farmhouse, Northern Homesteads Ingredients: Quartz and a fire beetle belly Cast Enervation Crystal Robes ( AC0 +3  ...


Neverwinter Nights and Eltoora, chapter two

Eltoora Sarptyl, Chapter two: The Five Tomes of Imaskar If you can make these items – and most of you should be able to – you would be foolish not to make as many as possible, if only to sell. Tome of Fire Where: Charwood Castle Ingredients: Quartz and a...


Neverwinter Nights and Eltoora, chapter one

Eltoora Sarptyl: Chapter one Word to the wise: Remember for later on – with the Tomes and their creations and other similar tasks – spells cast from rings, wands and other items work just as well as a wizards incantations. Remember also, the higher your ‘Use Magic Device’ proficiency, the...


Neverwinter Nights Guide : my character

The Neverwinter Nights Adventures of Kell Ack’adia Kell Ack’adia is a teller of tales, a loremaster, and a lousy musician. Though good-natured and friendly at heart he is rather amoral and not beyond interpreting laws and rules to suit the chaotic duality of his own view of the world. Chapter...


Neverwinter Nights Guide : Intro

Neverwinter Nights Introduction There are full guides, so I’m just going to give hints and tips (some might say spoilers) for the bits I reckon will cause the most frustration. For all the roaming nature, the game is largely linear with few if any really difficult puzzles. The hardest things...


NWN Hints : Chapter one

NWN Tips and Hints: Chapter one, Neverwinter City Personally, I’ve found the easiest route is to complete the districts in this order: Beggars Docks Peninsula Blacklake Doors On the subject of locked and warded doors, there are two types that might baffle you. The first, like the one in the...

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