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Why I quit Diablo Immortal, and why you perhaps should too.

Diablo Immortal: Cess pits get more love!   Caveat first From the viewpoint of casual PvE, dip in and play, this is a great game. Nobody is going to dispute that. However, if you expect to progress beyond that, if you expect rewards, if you want a place on the...


Diablo Follower System Revamp: Emanations

Blizzard add Emanate to follower gear A look at the Diablo III revamps in season 23, which adds emanate to your follower, making solo farming easier and better. Here’s the official bit first: Follower System Revamp: The Follower system for Diablo III has been revamped and will be made permanently...


Dummies guide to fast levelling a new (seasonal) character in Diablo 3

Backstory: So, here I am, all amped to start season 18 of Diablo. I log in. I click “new seasonal” character… or not, because we have to wait until 5pm. "Why you do dis to me, Blizz!?" What to do? I was deciding between practising languages on Duolingo, or playing...


Dummies guide to powering up in Diablo 3

{ Page last revised with season: 20 } Welcome and hello! First off, this isn’t a “what’s the best build” guide, Icy Veins does an excellent job of covering that aspect. This article is more, “things I’ve learnt”. Things that few share because “everyone knows”, but actually, no, they don’t,...


Farming legendary plans and materials in Diablo RoS

In making this as authoritative as possible I’ve ‘farmed’ every possible recipe and legendary crafting materials including a frustrating few like the Gimmering Gemstone that I’ll never need (having preciously made the Staff of Herding). As such this guide is from a genuine players point of view – as opposed...


Guide to farming legendary mats in Diablo RoS : Links

Recommended Diablo Links: Ackadia : Hellfire Ring Ackadia : Staff of Herding Ackadia : Diablo III, Reaper of Souls. Obsession and Grind? Master List of Legendaries [Guide] Legendary Crafting Materials – Drop locations & uses Battle.net : Diablo blacksmith plans How the Rift buff works Reaper of Souls: Frequently Asked...

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